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Sigiriya & Dambulla


Spectacular rock fortress of Sigiriya is considered as the eight wonder in the world . which belongs to the 5th century A.D.Sigiriya is very famous for it's frescoes . It has part-natural part man made stepped plateau of about 1.5 hectares on it's summit .The Kings palace stand about 360 meters above the sea level and 200 meters above the surrounding plan. Mirror wall and sigiri graffiti are integral parts of Sigiriya . The mirror wall dates from fifth century and has been substantial preserved in it's original form the polished inner surface of the mirror wall contains Sigiri graffiti which appreciate the beauty and the creativity of this magnificent structure.


It is one of the largest cave temple complexes in the south and the south east Asia region and one of the most important centers of the Buddhist pilgrimage in Srilanka. One could find the richest collection of Lord Buddha images in Dambulla which belongs to different eras of ancient Srilanka. This five cave temples at Dambulla have been renovated from time to time under the patronage different Sinhalese Kings. In the 18 th century A.D the five main rock temples were entirely repainted or over painted in the post -classic style of the central Kandyan school

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